Sabah is known for its cultural diversity, geography and mouth-watering cuisines, especially the quality and freshness of its seafood, particularly oysters and prawns. As one of the major major fishing destinations in Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu boasts at least one seafood restaurant at every corner of the city. We list out the best for you here.

Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Restaurant
Al Fresco
Twin-Sky Seafood Restaurant
Gayang Seafood Restaurant
Windbell Seafood Restaurant
Sri Tanjung
Grand Portview Restaurant
Salut Seafood
Luyang Seafood Restaurant
Ikan Ikan Live Seafood Restaurant


Two words to describe Sabah’s traditional food are unique and nutritious – try our best offerings; “hinata” (raw buffalo meat with lemon), “bambangan” (pickled wild mango), “pinasakan” (preserved fish dish), “hinava” (raw fish salad), “tuhau” (pickled wild ginger), "sambal belacan" (shrimp paste), “nonsom” or “bosou” (pickled raw fish dish). If you’re up for a gastranomical challenge, try our notorious “tutumakon” otherwise known as marine worms and the famous “butot” (sago worms).

Although most of these delicacies are not widely available at most restaurants, you can still make your way to friendliest “tamu” (wet market) in Kota Kinabalu, Donggongon town to get your fix. What else can you find at Tamu Donggongon I hear you ask..? Everything of course! From households products to foods, to traditional handicrafts such as bangles, headbands or gongs to gardening tools – pretty much all you can think of can be found there!


Us Sabahans are a creative bunch – I mean, many years ago our ancestors discovered a way to turn our staple-food (rice) into alcohol! Not to mention that our range of traditional alcohol is one of the best, even fine wine drinkers wouldn’t think twice about chugging ours! It goes without saying that rice wine is an important element of all Kadazan Dusun celebrations and rites.

Drop your plastic cup and drink our rice wine like an ancient warrior, sip it slowly using bamboo straws or “suki” (bamboo cups). We love to share what we have with others, and refusing the first cup is considered umm.. Impolite. But of course but subsequent rounds can be skipped (we can’t guarantee you won’t be hooked though!).  Kinomol, segantang, kinarung, kinopi, linahas, tapai and talak are only a few of our many rice wine varieties so make sure you try each at least once. Head down to Borneo Trading Post, Monspiad Cultural Village, Tamu Donggongon or KDCA have your first rice wine experience.