Consumers today have an abundance of restaurant choices, and to stay competitive, quick-service operators must develop innovative strategies to remain profitable – but The Retro Club, the latest resto-bar to open at KK Times Square, isn’t just about making profits. Aptly named The Retro Bar to celebrate the fashionably outdated mode from the postmodern past and seats approximately 40 diners and split between two levels, the retro themed resto-bar is decorated to resemble old movie scenes from the 70s – well dressed with retro memorabilia, the  carbon filament lights are dim giving the dining space a soft, romantic glow. The Retro Club may not be the first to adopt the resto-bar concept, but they are probably one of the few that really get the whole idea. A full-fledged family-friendly restaurant on the ground floor and an American retro bar on the first floor, The Retro Club cleverly separates the two; giving diners a tranquil dining experience at restaurant, while the cozy and intimate bar upstairs – decorated in a chic contemporary-retro manner – much like those found in America, has class but is not pretentious, so you can either dress up or dress down.

But enough talking about the décor, let’s talk about food now. The à la carte menu – all reasonably priced – is perfect if you want to sample a little of everything. There is such an emphasis on fresh ingredients at The Retro Club; diners are guaranteed to be served only value for money, authentic American food, fine wine, and a romantic evening with your loved one, and if you like, a long night of good retro music right after.

Why is it that so much great food comes out of Louisiana? Case in point, the Dirty Rice. This Cajun classic, made from white rice cooked with small pieces of chicken liver or giblets, green bell pepper, celery and onion perfectly complements many different meat main courses. The Dirty Rice gets its “dirty” color from an abundance of antioxidant rich spices, which gives this filling and satisfying dish a mild toasty taste and a distinctive and evenly distributed flavor. Our Dirth Rice experience was one we can’t quite put our finger on – it was one of those “OMG” food epiphanies for us.

The Hickory Cheddar Burger isn’t as pretty as a stuffed cheese burger you’d get from your favorite fast food chains, but you’ll get a great dose of tangy cheddar cheese flavor with every bite – both a great way to fill up while watching football, KK foodies are all about burgers these days. The fresh, hand-formed patties are cooked to order on the flat grill behind the counter – think about it; grilled beef patty with melted cheddar cheese, and slathered with a special gravy, tomato slices, diced onions, and spicy mustard.. Hard to resist – the Hickory Cheddar Burger is the real thing! The patty, being homemade, isn’t too tightly packed, which makes the patty and cheese melt into each other, while the perfectly toasted buns are soft on top and just crisp enough to hold everything together. If you’re in the habit of snapping up photos of your food, I would advice you against it when ordering the Hickory Cheddar Burger as it is best devoured while it’s still hot.

Nachos are generally considered more “Tex Mex” than Mexican, but at The Retro Club we bet you wouldn’t give a dam* anyway. Served on a generous bed of chili con carne and topped with sour cream and grated cheddar AND parmesan cheese, Retro Naughty Nachoes are all about the ingredients – using only the best tortilla chips, fried pinto beans, jalapeño peppers, salsa, guacamole and fresh cilantro, the Retro Naughty Nachos are flavorsome and smokey. Delicious and crunchy, it is indeed a naughty serving guaranteed to delight!

The Old School Grilled Chicken is a Southern-style grilled chicken served with a special beurre blanc sauce. Literally translated from French as "white butter", the beurre blanc at The Retro Club is is surprisingly delicate – one taste of this smooth, supple butter sauce and you'll understand why it’s a classic favorite for many who have dined at The Retro Club. Its neutral flavor responds well to the other seasonings and flavorings and enhances the taste of herbs and spices used to prepare the Old School Grilled Chicken – lemon juice is used in place of vinegar and the wine only adds to the smoothness of the beurre blanc sauce. Although many would argue that the beurre blanc sauce is best coupled with seafood, the Old School Grilled Chicken is deliciously luxurious!

These are just four of the highlights at The Retro Club; Grilled Chicken Caesar, Gambo, Tune In Tune Out Tuna Steak, Street Car and all time favorites, Buffalo Wings, Lamb Shank and Big Bad Barbecue are equally fabulous too! We could go on and on raving about each item on the menu but we thought it’d be best for you to experience it yourself.