With global coffeehouse chains taking over the local landscape, it’s easy to miss some of the impressive independent Sabahan chains around town. But Kopi Ping Café @ Damai isn’t about to let itself fade into the background! With over 20 dishes on their menu, ranging from light breakfast toasts to filling lunch and dinner servings as well as its own beverage brand, EZ Fizzy, Kopi Ping Café is well on its way to world domination - worth trying out if you find yourself in the area.

Although the choice of menu at Kopi Ping Cafe is vast, you must not miss the Seafood Tom Yam! Popular among lunchers and night diners, the evident lemon grass and coconut milk flavor brought out the best out of its main ingredient – fresh prawns – enhanced the mildly sweet and sour taste of the soup and the chili flavor more pronounced. There is a definite piquancy to this fragrant Thai inspired dish, but it doesn’t overwhelm – perfect for those who don’t usually take spicy soups or broth.

Buttermilk Chicken Chop Rice
Make way for this batter-fried wonder! Lightly soaked with Kopi Ping Café’s homemade buttermilk gravy on the outside but not without the crispy bits (all thanks to Kopi Ping Café’s secret seasoned flour!) and pleasantly tender within. It might come as a surprise to first time diners but this plate of crusted dish is flavorsome inside out – if you’re big on southern cuisine, this might just be your next southwest/southern-flavored comfort food.

Black Bean Hor Fun Beef
Fermented black beans is famous for lending its special taste and flavor to practically everything they coat, especially so to beef. To a lot of people, it’s a bit of an acquired taste but Kopi Ping Café is doing everything right – beginning from the preparation of the beef down to the last bit; serving the dish to their diners. The chili paste mixed into the fermented black beans broth added an extra combo of rich taste and texture and balanced the saltiness pretty well. The hor fun is not without its special taste either – soaked in the fermented black bean broth, it also absorbed the taste from the beef as well as ginger, garlic, chilli and spring onions used to whip up this dish.

Fish Sauce Meehoon Seafood
Satisfy your sudden afternoon craving for some sort of Asian Fusion dish at Kopi Ping Café; well seasoned with fish sauce, salt, and pepper, this stringy dish is aromatic and slightly peppery in taste – which makes it a great for a quick lunch with your workmates. According to Hadi, all of the recipes at Kopi Ping Café was put together by Bill and Aaron Chang – using only the best (secret) ingredients, it comes as no surprise that the Fish Sauce Meehoon Seafood is quite a visual feast with toppings of prawn, fish chunks, pepper and sweet veggies; delicious and fragrant, two words to describe it!

Tau Fu Fa
Douhua, or Tau Fu Fa in Cantonese, is a Chinese dessert made with soft tofu – sometimes it also referred to as tofu pudding or soybean pudding. Served with three different syrups on the side (sugar syrup, palm sugar and evaporated milk), diners are free to mix their favorite Tau Fu Fa concoction, although it actually tastes good on its own too. Homemade and void of preservatives, this bowl of goodness is less sweet (without additional syrup) but richer in taste. Sink your teeth into this healthy dessert and let the wholesome goodness fill you up!

Conclude your mealtime with specially brewed coffee by Kopi Ping Café (of the same name) or freshen up with its home brand, EZ Fizzy (choice of EZ Soda Lime or EZ One Isotonic Drink). Whatever tickles your fancy, Kopi Ping Café pretty much has it all – check out more photos and have a peek at their menu on Facebook and Instagram (@kopipingcafe). Kopi Ping Café is open everyday from 9AM to 12AM at Damai and its newly opened branch at Warisan Square.