If you enjoy barbecue, you’ll fall in love with The Chubs Grill – serving only the freshest and uniquely prepared meats with rich flavors. The lengthy menu features something for everyone; flame grilled lamb shoulder, pork belly, pork ribs and loin, beef t-bone, beef sirloin and salmon; all marinated using the finest herbs and spices, then flame grilled to perfection. 

The grilled items are crafted by Chef Michael himself; using a creative blend of traditional and contemporary marinating technique – herbs and spices are fundamental to all of the grilled items at The Chubs Grill (aged-ginger, garlic, turmeric, cardamom and tons others). together with all these, the meats are then marinated for at least 24 hours, together with their secret sauce until the flavor goes right through the bones.

Grilled Lamb Shoulder
The grilled lamb shoulder at The Chubs Grill is probably the most extravagant of meals you can get from a non-high end restaurant! Sweet and savory, it bears the characteristic taste of lamb satay – smokey and fragrant. The lamb, grilled to medium well, is tender and juicy – the combination of flavors will make those who do not favor lamb come back for more, and those already a fan will surely love the flavorsome taste!

Grilled Pork Loin, Ribs and Belly
The key ingredient for the bold and delightful grilled pork loin, ribs and belly served at The Chubs Grill lies in the five spices used in the marinade – star-anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper-corn and fennel seeds – giving every delightful bite a distinct rich, warm, spicy-sweet aromatic flavor. Although already great as it is, the seasoned gravy proved to be the perfect complement for the “wonder powder” – the grilled pork loin, ribs and belly at The Chubs Grill are absolutely divine, many said that it's "Love at first bite!" when asked about their dining experience at The Chubs Grill. 

Grilled Pork Loin

Grilled Salmon
The grilled salmon is soft and flaky with nice grilled marks – Chef Michael’s traditional marinade adds a delightful tang of sweet, peppery taste to the salmon and a very appealing aroma. The grilled salmon is so tender that it was right on the line of falling apart but did not quite cross it – we can’t even begin to describe the way those little bits of heaven melt in our mouth – flawless!

Grilled Beef Sirloin
Moist, soft and slightly sweet from the overnight marinade and Chef Michael's special homemade seasoning blend, this succulent treat boasts wonderful flavor – the traditional preparation adds a jolt of contrasting but harmonious flavor to an otherwise Western dish, leaving a pleasant tingle after each mouthful. Absolutely scrumptious!

If you love grilled meat, The Chubs Grill has all the good stuff; Chef Michael serves only “..real food, no nonsense!”

The exquisite grilled delicacies at The Chubs Grill are some of the best we’ve ever had – cooked to perfection; each grilled meat is moist and tender. 

Call ‘em up at 088-448728/ 448678 or visit them tonight for dinner! They are located at B-0-7, Block B, Ground Floor, Karamunsing Capital. Log on to their official website for more information or LIKE them on Facebook.